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6 Black Hat Social Media Techniques You need to avoid In 2023

Who doesn’t love getting more attention on social media?

We all love to have more followers, likes, comments, etc, things when we post something on social media.

This can happen over time if we can implement the right optimization methods, post-value-adding content, and add other necessary elements to our social media marketing strategies.

Sometimes we might fall behind in the competition but that can be taken care of by revamping and improving our process. We will do great over time.

But the problem is many of us are in a rush and gets aggressive and impatient with the slow growth and will be involved in some black hat techniques to grow quickly.

These techniques might show some immediate results but over time will damage our social media accounts and most of the time can lead to a ban of the account.

 In this post let us see some such black hat techniques we need to avoid…


Buying Fake Followers

It looks good to have thousands of followers on the profile but, if these are brought using the black hat techniques like

  • Follow-for-follow
  • Submit your profile URL and gain followers
  • Pay money to gain followers

and various other such free and paid black hat techniques then it will hurt your profile really bad. You might have a huge number of followers but your engagement will not match the followers’ count.

Because they are fake followers and they won’t be interested in your content at all. No the major problem is the high following and poor engagement will raise a flag on your profile and you won’t get any sponsor ads, brand collabs no results with affiliates or any other income streams.

These are just for satisfying your ego at the cost of damaging your own profile – so don’t do that.

Buying Fake Engagement

Now some of you might think, ok then let us buy engagement as well along with followers. This is like doing one more mistake to cover the first one.

People are smart and they can figure out which engagement is real and which is fake. Do not do this. How many days can you do? How much money you will spend? There is no sense in getting fake engagement.

If you do get such kind of engagement, you will lose credibility and trust, and also you will look desperate. And most importantly you won’t be getting any brand collabs or results from other income streams.

Posting Fake Reviews

This is one more bad habit people have when it comes to promoting themselves or their brands over social media.

People love to read a genuine review about a brand, product, or service and if they realize your reviews are fake, then you will lose all the business.

Ask your genuine customers to give you a review or if you are new and don’t have any customers then it’s not an issue, do not include the reviews section at all. It’s better to have no reviews than to have fake ones.

Posting Misleading Links

Many of us invest our precious time on spammy ‘get rich quick’ techniques and burn hands.

We have seen a lot of such unethical practices where people post misleading links (like the ones we see on torrent websites) and try to earn money because XYZ websites tell you they will pay for link clicks.

Do you know how they end up? The websites spam them by not paying or paying very little which won’t even come for a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, social media platforms where you do this activity will red flag your account, place a shadow ban, and then full ban so you will lose the account, followers, and everything you invested in it.

But, still, some people don’t listen and fall prey to this- we suggest you better don’t select such income streams.

Hashtag Spamming

When influencers or social media coaches suggest using trending hashtags in the posts, most of us misunderstand it.

We hashtag Barak Obama in some coffee with Karan kind of post, which is very much irrelevant.

When it is suggested to use trending hashtags, it means to use the most searched hashtags that are relevant to the content in your post.

Some of us do it due to half-knowledge and others do it on purpose. In both cases, your posts will be marked under hashtag spamming.

Social media platforms’ algorithms have improved to be so powerful.

They can identify such spamming and will place a shadow ban so that people will stop seeing your posts in their feed 

Clickbait Techniques

Clickbait is like a piece of content, be it a headline or thumbnail, etc which looks sensational and offers huge promises but is done purely to mispresent the content and mislead the users to get some clicks

This worked well back in 2015-2016 but, social media platforms have noticed this and have added this to their violations list, and accounts which involved in clickbait activities will have to fake strict consequences.

So do not do that, especially if you are working on content for YouTube kind of platforms.


These are some of the major black hat practices people do and will hurt their social media accounts in negative ways.

There are many such techniques that are to be avoided, we will discuss them platform-wise in other blogs.

A word of advice- Avoid them, we have many cool, simple hacks that are purely white hats on our DigitalOwls website check them out!