Airtel 5G | How 5G Will change INDIA Forever | Good Or Bad ?

AIRTEL 5G services will be available in India from October 2022 is the latest information circulating in the news!

While this is trending and exciting news for internet users, how will 5G is going to affect the future of India and its people is even more exciting!

Because we all have seen how 4G has changed India to Digital India. Now What is 5G Going to do? Let us take a look!

Airtel 5G How 5G is going to change INDIA Forever - Digital Owls

AIRTEL 5G Services
4G Vs 5G Comparison

Firstly, let us see how 5G is much much better than 4G when compared, before we move on to how Airtel 5G, Jio 5G or any other 5G network can speed up everything.

Max Upload Rate500 Mbps1.25 Gbps
Max Download Rate1 Gbps2.5 Gbps
Latency50 ms1 ms
Channel Access MethodCDMAOFDM, BDMA
Max Peak Speed100 Mbps10 Gbps 

For More Information about 4G vs 5G comparison checkout this page on geeks for geeks website

Insights About AIRTEL 5G Trails

With the scheduled launch very near, Airtel 5G trails in India are being conducted with top priority.

According to an recent article published by 91mobiles airtel 5G  speed noted during the trails is 1000 Mbps (1Gbps)

which is 10x times more than the max speed of any 4G. 

The story doesn’t end there! In one of the trails conducted in Hyderabad, the network surprisingly managed to hit a peak speed of 3 Gbps (3000 Mbps). 

Which is said to be 3x times more than what Jio 5G Network noted during the test.

How 5G Technology Will Change India IN 2023

With Introducing 5G India can finally become a developed country!

because 5G wireless technology is meant to deliver multi Gbps speed and ultra-low latency

you don’t believe me?

See how! It can impact some major sectors 

Automobile Industry

India is known as one of the largest auto markets in the world but has not seen any driverless automobiles.

With the introduction of 5G, everything changes.

Due to reduced latency and high-speed network, we can finally set up the necessary infrastructure for welcoming driverless vehicles.

Because of the 5G, the driverless vehicles will be more faster responding and safer for us to go on a ride!

very soon, we will see a lot of self-driving automobiles in the country. 

Online Shopping - Ecommerce

5G  will make the Images load 10 times faster than what we are seeing now. And this will revolutionize augmented reality and virtual reality sectors.

Because of this, we can see some science friction level developments

For example, imagine virtually trying out on clothes while you are shopping online?

Amazing right, this could just be the beginning!

Healthcare Industry

Coming to one of the large-scale and most important sector which can be impacted by 5G is health care.

With 5G in the picture, medical consultation can be provided by specialists across the country to the people even in remote places of India.

This is not just limited there, we can even connect with specialists across the world, outside of our borders.

High-definition virtual consultations, remote patient monitoring, and connected ambulances can be some of 5G early applications.

With 5G health care consultations will not only be fast through virtual but also will be available for everyone.

Online Education

Again one more important development that 5G can bring is in e-learning and online education industry.

With 5G we can see improvement of the video loading speed and online classes conducted without any issues of delay.

If the education sector determined to make used of 5G speed, education can be even made free and available to every child across the country.

With classes being conducted seamlessly at multiple places at the same time, the human resources, infrastructure, and other implementation costs reduce with maximized output.

Also the application of AR in learning, the education will not only become more practical but also fun!

Entertainment Industry

Big relief for the movie lovers! Videos will load much faster.

Not just that we can even see 4k & 8k streaming videos even in platforms like YouTube and the OTTs.

Imagine watching a movie live Avatar in 8k resolution without buffering!

Digital Marketing Industry

With 4G itself, we have seen how the industries have used the internet to connect and promote their brands, services, and products through digital mediums.

What do you think 5G will help them do?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc are definitely gonna release more powerful features.

This will motivate businesses and business owners to concentrate even more on digital marketing strategies.

We might even witness a lot of new digital marketing start-ups and employment opportunities very soon.

Gaming Industry

India is recently noticing many individuals picking gaming as a serious full-time career!

The good news is! with the introduction of 5G the term ‘lag’ will become something we heard in past.

New and much more advanced games than PUBG (battleground will be seen).

Not just the gamers we can also see creative game developers building an amazing careers and bringing their dream games into real mobile or desktop applications.

Ideas that were called fantasies one time will not be that anymore!

Any developers here? think of a next-gen game idea you might see yourself or someone developing it.

5G & AI

With the combination of AI and 5G, we can witness many more powerful AI-empowered software applications like Alexa and Siri.

AIRTEL 5G & Final Thoughts...

While expecting the Airtel 5G network services to be available at affordable prices for everyone!

it is even more exciting to see what unimaginable revolutionary developments it can bring in the future!

Because what we discussed is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hope you like the article.. leave a comment to show your love!

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