Get Free Traffic To Your Blogging Website In 2023

Best Method To Get Free Traffic To Your Blogging Website In 2023

Do you have a blogger or WordPress hosted blog with good number of articles but not getting any traffic?

Tried all the possible methods but still failing to get free organic traffic to your blog?

Do not worry, its not just you! There are thousands of bloggers who are facing the same issue.

In this post we are going to see the reasons why we are not getting traffic.

Along with that we will discuss a simple but powerful strategy about, how to get real, organic and free traffic to your blog in 2023.

The strategy we will discuss in the further parts of this post will work for any category or niche blogs that are created on  blogger or WordPress hosting.

It will not take more than 5-7 minutes, read it completely till the end. This can change everything for your blog!


The below five are the most common reasons for not getting organic traffic to your blog. First, understand them and then we will see how to overcome them in this same post.

High Competition

Firstly, many of us might have inspired reading to articles or watching YouTube videos where they say blogging is easy and earn millions within few month…

 Which is not completely true, for that to happen you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

 Reality is that, there are already lot of  existing competition from millions of blogs which are there with 100s or 1000s of  well optimized articles.

Low Quality Content

Secondly, thin content or low quality content issue. People who have applied for AdSense and got rejected would be familiar with these terms.

If you do not have quality content, google wont rank your website, your post will not appear in search results and ultimately  you wont get traffic on your blog.

Problem is, we think that we research a lot, check competitors content on a topic and write articles covering additional topics so our content is of high quality.

You thought the same?

But no, it is not quality content. There are already big bunch of blogs talking about same stuff and your is just one more.

URL Not Indexing On GSC

Thirdly, due to less content or bad page design, many URLs will not be indexed by Google.

Do you know what happens if your blog is not indexed on google?

It wont appear in search results, that means no one can see your post even on 100th page.

Old Promotional Strategy

Fourthly, old is not every time gold, some times it is rust. Many of us just follow the out dated strategies suggested by some  YouTubers.

Most of them create videos talking about the same ideas because they copy from each other.

And we end up believing and implementing them, why? Because everyone is telling the same and getting more views.

No, if that is true why are we still facing issues getting traffic?

No Consistency

Finally, Sometimes we might follow the right methods but we fail to post consistently

This is very bad practice, we will not see any growth if we are not posting new content regularly.

Now let us see how to overcome these hurdles and generate organic free traffic!!

Best Method To Get Free Traffic To Your Blogger Or WordPress Blog

Step_1: What Content Should I Publish To Get High Views or Traffic?

Yes, as we already discussed there are millions of websites covering billions of topics.

So, its not much useful for our website organic growth to write on the same topic.

Then how do we find new or trending topics? See below!

  • Method_1: Find latest questions on Quora Platform
  • Method_2: Search trending topics using Google Trends
  • Method_3: Explore unanswered questions on Question Hub
  • Method_4: Refer people also ask questions on SERP
  • Method_5: Consider related searches at the bottom of SERP

If you want me to write elaborated topics on each method then let me know in comments! I will write if I get 20 comments asking for an article!!

Step_2: How To Optimize Blog To Make It Search Engine Friendly?

Method_1: Pick 1-2 high volume & low competition keywords

Method_2: Optimize your blog post with this keywords inserted in 

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Feature image Alt text
  • Introduction paragraph
  • H2 & H3 headings
  • Other areas of the blog

Method_3: Ensure that your page is mobile friendly and loading fast

Method_4: Submit your URL For Indexing to Google Search Console.

Note: If your URL is not indexed your post will not get displayed in the SERP, so indexing is very important.

Remember not to over use your keywords. For best results they should not be used more than 16 times in a blog post or article.

Step_3: Best Strategy To Give An Organic Push For Initial Views?

If you follow the first two steps properly google will automatically start showing your post in the SERP however not in the first page!

For getting to the first page you need to give an organic push from your end.. which can be done by the below promotional strategy.

Item NoItem Name

Item Target

1Blog Posts1
2Quora Answers50
3Quora Blog Posts1
4Social Media Posts1
5LinkedIn Article1
6Medium Article1
7Reddit Article 1
8Quora Questions10
9Social Bookmarking50
10Blog Submissions50
11Article Submission50
12Image Submission50
13Social Shares30
14Direct Messages30
15Email Marketing10,000
16Question Hub1
17URL Indexing 1


Step_4: How Many Blogs Should I Publish In One Month?

The below numbers are just a suggestion from my end, you are free to publish as many as you can.

But, ensure you are posting quality blog posts, regularly and giving them organic boost.


Full-Time Blogger (1st Month)

10-14 Blogs Per Week


Full-Time Blogger(After 1st Month)

7-9 Blogs Per Week


Part-Time Blogger(Through Out)

1 Blog In Every 2 Days


Follow this 4 simple steps for 45 days without missing any part of it and you will find the results for sure!

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