Breatter App Review | Do Your Math Homework In 10 Minutes!

Breather is a smart math calculator (claims to be first in India) which seems to help its users solve complex math problems and also assist them to understand the concepts with a simple step by step explanation of the solution.

The application seems to be developed by an Indian origin developer.

It is released on Google Play store on July 18th 2022 and quickly crossed 5000+ download within 30days of its release.

In the post let us see if this application is really worth downloading?

Please Note: The review is written based on my own individual experience as a user of the application – Breatter: Math Calculator.

I have personally downloaded the application and explored it by signing up as a user. I even tested couple of math functions available on the application.

The review is shared only for informative purpose and neither me or the team at digital owls is in no way associated with the App (Breatter: Math Calculator) reviewed in this post.


In this review, we will cover the app specifications, sign-up process, current and upcoming features, how to use, who can use it, pros, cons and overall rating!

App Specifications
Name: Breatter: Math Calculator
Version: 1.4.0
App Type: Education
Application Size: 18.35 MB
Released On: July 18th, 2022
Recent Update: August 24th, 2022
 Rating On Google Play Store: 5 Star
Suitability: All Age Groups
Status: Verified by Play Protect
Other: Contains Ads, In-App Purchases
Availability: Google Play Store
Sign Up / Registration Process
  • Firstly, download & Install the application from Google Play Store
  • Secondly, click on Profile and create account, you will be redirected to a sign-up page
  • Thirdly, fill out The simple sign-up form fields: name, email id, country & password
  • Finally, confirm your password and click on sign-up!

Your registration process will be completed!

Note:  Users can even use the app without actually signing up!

App Current Features

The app offers different types of calculators and multiple mathematical functions and sub-functions to choose from which are-

1. Standard Method Calculator18
2. Distribution7
3. Confidence Interval Calculator6
4. R Calculator2
5. Z Calculator1
6. Hypothesis Testing6
7. Sample Size Calculator1
Upcoming Features

Upcoming features in the application is assumed according to the description mentioned in the about the app section on google play store.

The app seems to release features that enable users to participate in 1 on 1 Q&A sessions with expert tutors!

It also seems to be updated with more math functions in the upcoming releases.

We can also expect concept-based video tutorials to be released.

How To Use The App
  • Go To Home Page
  • Click on the type of calculator you wish to use
  • Select the function from the displayed drop-down list
  • Fill in the required input data and click on submit
  • Checkout the step-by-step solution
Who Can Use This App
  • Students For homework purposes and understanding concepts
  • Mathematical Content Creators for creating new math questions and solutions
  • Teachers & Tutors can use to clear doubts or clarify concepts with live examples
  • Parents can use it to verify children’s assignment or even teach them


Areas For Improvement (Cons)

Below are some of the areas in which I feel the app can make some serious improvements

1)Too Many Ads

The application contains too many ads which frequently appear. This can be highly damaging to the user experience. I felt irritated

2)Single Sign-up Option

There is only an email sign-up process no other option. Not even with mobile numbers, so not many users will register.

3)Smaller ‘px’ Size

Entering the values is slightly difficult due to the smaller size of the fields. Mobile user experience can be improved in terms of navigation

4)Mobile Orientation

The app can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientation but in the horizontal orientation looks very bad

PROS (Things that makes it a worth downloading)

Irrespective of the improvements suggested the app still proves its worth using because of the below reasons

1)Free To Use

The app contains 40+ smart, advanced and complex math functions which are completely free to use- not many apps offer this for free

2)Subscription Fee

The ads might irritate us a bit but we can remove them with a very small subscription fee starting from INR 120 rs per month.

Which is decent enough, even the developer got to eat, right?

3)Looks Safe To Use

The best part which I loved the most is, that the app doesn’t ass any permissions at all.

I have used multiple applications which ask for permissions for storage, camera, gallery, contacts, etc even though they have nothing to do with that access.

Unlike such apps, Breather isn’t asking for any permission to use the application which made me feel safe to keep it among my apps.

4)Results Generation Speed

Once you enter the input date there is no wait and no buffering!

The results are generated immediately within a fraction of a second which saves a lot of time for the users.

5)Step-by-step explanation

You can not expect theoretical statements but you will be able to see mathematical statements step by step.

This will give the users a clear understanding of how the solution is reached.


Overall Rating By Digital Owls: 4.1/5

Worthy Of Getting 5/5 Provided the user experience is enhanced!!

I have tried 15+ functions and all of them worked pretty well for me.

Hopefully, it will improve as these are still the initial releases. Getting 5000+ app downloads within a month is good enough, to begin with.

We predict it might cross 1M+ downloads within a year if promoted well enough among the target user base.

Hope you like the post! Please share your experience with us in the comments!

And let us know if you want us to write reviews for any other mobile or desktop applications!

We will research the platform and get back with a genuine review on the digital owls website!

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  1. Thanks for writing the review. I have downloaded the App and currently using the same, am really satisfied with the App. The step by stem feature is really appreciable. Again thanks for suggesting the App.

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