Do You Know Content Marketing Is 200 Years Old

Content Marketing In 4 Minutes!

Did you hear about content marketing from somewhere? Not sure about what exactly it is and what it does?

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This post will give a complete understanding within 4 minutes!

What Is Content Marketing?

It is one of the most powerful marketing techniques.

Where the objectives of a business or persons is achieved by sharing relevant, engaging and value-adding content in different content formats.

For example, News Articles, E-books, Vlogs, Blogs, Articles, Case Studies etc.

In simple words, content marketing is like story telling, the better is your story the more connected will be your audience.

You can impact and gain attention of the audience if you have the skill of telling great stories!

So if you are a good storyteller then you can be a better content marketer.

200+ Years Old History

It is not something which started in the 20s. Some of us might be aware that for years, brands are telling different types of stories to attract new customers.

But what most of us are not aware is-

The first ever marketing using content is dated back to 1732 when Benjamin Franklin Published his yearly Poor Richard’s Almanack.

He published it with a goal of promoting his printing business!!

Types Of Content Marketing

There are different types of content marketing and many new ones are adding over the years.

However, let us divide the types into two main classifications based on the medium which are digital and traditional.

Digital Types

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. E-book
  4. Blog / Article
  5. Infographics
  6. Electronic Mails (Emails)

Traditional Types

  1. Magazines Ads
  2. Billboards Ads
  3. Television Ads
  4. Radio Ads
  5. Telemarketing
  6. Flex and Banners

Content Creation Types

Many of us agree that, promoting through content is an efficient marketing technique but if we are missing one essential element then everything backfires.

Which is the content creation type

In simple words, a content creator should have a clear understanding of who is the target audience, what type of audience they are etc.

The more a content writer knows about his audience the more relevant can be the content.

Let us see some major content creation types

  1. B2B Content

Firstly, Business to Business marketing material created by a business to attract other businesses.

Example: Software Subscription B2B Platforms

  1. B2C Content

Secondly, Business To Consumer marketing material created by a business to attract customers

Example: Advertisements by OTTs like Amazon Prime promoting user subscription

  1. C2C Content

Next is Consumer to Consumer content is created by a consumer to attract other consumers.

Example: Used cars, mobile phone advertisements on websites like OLX etc.

  1. C2B

Finally, Consumer to Business This one is very rare but works well for people in some fields.

where the marketing material created by a consumer to catch the attention of a business

Example: C2B Sites where individuals offer services to businesses.

Content Marketing Applications

There are literally 1000+ ways in which you can apply content marketing tricks and strategies to your advantage.

However, let us look at some of the popular ones!

For Business, Sales & Marketing Professionals

  1. Firstly, to create brand awareness
  2. Secondly, for business development
  3. generating new leads
  4. Improve customer retention
  5. Finally, attract new Customers

For Freelancers / Other Working Professionals

  1. Creating of Best Selling Resume/ CV (Students & Job Seekers)
  2. Influencing Social Profiles ( Influencers)
  3. Growing more social media followers (Influencer)
  4. Find Freelancing Projects (Freelancers)
  5. Generate Website Traffic (Bloggers)
  6. Promote Affiliate Products (Affiliate Marketers)
  7. Improving YouTube Engagement (YouTubers)

Missed adding something to this list?? let us know in the comments!!

Statistics To Through Some Light...

Semrush has conducted a survey in 2022 where 1500 content marketers from 20+ industries participated in it!

And some notable statistics found in this survey are

Firstly, 97% of them said that content marketing is part of their marketing strategy.

Secondly, 57% of them agreed that they have a documented C.M strategy.

Thirdly, 73% of companies who spent between 10% to 70 % of their marketing budget on C.M saw a good success rate.

Finally, 55% of the content marketing strategies focused on improving quality of content are successful.

Not only this, there are many different surveys conducted by different organization.

Whoever have done, the results produced showed that majority of businesses and marketers who invest in marketing via content have seen amazing results.

Final Thoughts...

We hope you have got a clear understanding of what is content marketing.

Whichever career or industry or position you belong to, that knowledge of marketing using different formats of content will always help you to do better!

So keep learning and keep growing!!

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