Make Money With Quora

How To Make Money With Quora In 2023 (No Investment)

If you are a beginner and planning to create passive income, then the best option is to make money with Quora.

Yes, it is very simple to earn starting from the first day without investing a single rupee.

Many of us assume Quora to be a place where people ask questions and some experts answer them. We see it like a Q&A Forum.

But, over the years it has evolved into something more than just a Q&A Forum. There are multiple features on it using which we can earn money online!

In this post I will try to cover everything starting from setting up an account till earning money online!

Read the post completely till the end and follow the instruction to start earning money online in a legal and genuine way starting from today!

Basic Essentials Required

Firstly, before thinking of creating an account on Quora ensure that you have the following list of elements with you.

  1. Smart phone or Laptop
  2. Proper internet connection
  3. Fresh Gmail account
  4. Canva subscription
  5. MS Word or WPS
  6. Grammarly tool

Of course we all have smart phone and many of have a laptop right and internet as well. Apart from this, other 4 items mentioned above have free subscriptions.

This is more than enough to start earning from Quora!

Pick A Niche Or Topic

This is first and crucial step in your Quora journey. This will decide if you can be less successful or more successful.

Select a niche of topic around which you want to create content in Quora space.

Example: lets think you have knowledge about food recipes or you like to write about food recipes then pick food blogging as your niche topic.

Some tips here! For beginners

  • Pick a niche that is very new so that you have less competition (Ex: 3D Printing)
  • Find a niche where you can find more topic to write about (Ex: App Reviews)
  • Find a niche where you have some basic knowledge so you can create original content.

It is better not to pick politics, news, soft p*rn or and such topics. There are chances that Quora might not allow you to monetize your content.

Setup Your Account On Quora

Once you are ready then using your Gmail create an account on Quora in few simple steps.

If you are a mobile user then you need to download the app from Google Play Store.

Desktop users can simply search the term ‘Quora Signup’ from your browser and join the platform from there.

This is very simple process and anyone can do it, therefore i am not writing anything about it. 

Still if you face some difficulty about setting up the account on Quora click here to read the blog written by Tech boomers.

Creation Of Quora Space

Once you created your account on Quora, login to your account from PC or Mobile.

You will find an option called spaces. Go to that page and then click on “+ Create a space” button.

Enter the name of your space (Keep it less than 40 Characters) and write a description about what type of content people can expect if they join your space.

Once done with your name and description click on ‘create’. That’s all your space is created!

Now make your space look professional and beautiful by uploading a profile picture, cover image, add more details and other options you will see on the space page.

Invite your friends or network to join the space! 

Now you are just one step away from making money on Quora!

How to Make Money With Quora
8 Different ways!

Even though there are multiple ways to make money with QUORA let us separate them into two categories. 

  1. Direct Methods
  2. Indirect Methods (will discuss in separate post)

Make Money Directly Using Quora Spaces

There are 3 direct ways to make money from Quora which are

  • Space subscription
  • Quora+ Revenue Sharing
  • Ad Revenue Sharing (Recommended)

In the above three methods you will get paid from Quora directly. How? Lets see that!

Quora has launched ‘Quora space program’ where you can register your space and start earning either by sharing revenue or offering a subscription.

Now let us see how the three different methods work and why Ad Revenue sharing is the best for beginners.

Before that if you want to understand more about Quora Space and how it works click here.

Quora Space Subscription

Firstly, let us talk about space subscription. 

Income Stream: You will earn money through subscription fee.

In this option you can open an subscription option for people where they have to subscribe to see content ( posts, questions and answers) in your space.

Key Highlights in Space Subscription Model

    • You can set you own monthly or yearly subscription price
    • Option to chose certain content to Paywall in your space
    • You can keep 90% and above from  subscription revenues
    • Best for spaces with huge followers and tons of content
Quora+ Revenue Sharing Model

Secondly, Quora+ Revenue Sharing Model.

Income Stream: You will earn money for Views From Quora+ Subscribers

In this model Quora will share revenue they earn from its Quora + Subscribers. 

When a Quora+ member will watch content in your space that is only available for the premium users on quora you will be paid!

Key Highlights in Quora+ Revenue Sharing Model

  • Earn from every view you get from Quora+ Members
  • You can paywall selected content from your space
  • Join both subscription model and Quora+ Revenue Sharing at a time
  • Additional bonuses if a paywall user subscribe to your space
  • Best for spaces who create unique content on rare topics
Ad Revenue Sharing Model

Finally, Ad revenue Sharing Model

Income Stream:  Earn money from ads displaying in your space.

This is my favourite and the best way to make money for beginners.

In this model when someone reads a post or a question in your space and see an ad there while scrolling or navigating you will earn money.

Key Highlights in Ad revenue Sharing Model

  • No limit to how much you can earn. The more views you get the more you can earn
  • Immediate approval, there is no minimum number of followers or content
  • Redeem your amount the moment you cross earnings to be 10$ 
  • Start earning from day one itself, there is no strict eligibility criteria

Note: there are certain type of content that is not eligible for this program. If your space have content

Click here to read about what types of content are not eligible for this Quora space program

Final Thoughts On Quora Space Program

There is lot of competition on YouTube and other online earning methods. But in Quora the competition is low but the traffic is high.

And even the eligibility to qualify for this program is very easy at least for now. 

So for beginners who want to make some real money better put your efforts on Quora. 

Most importantly, other platforms you can monetize the content you created but in Quora spaces you can invite 100s of contributors where they can post content ask questions and write answers etc and you make money!

By creating an engaging group, involving more people you can just work for couple of minutes a day and make good money from Quora!

If you want me to write more posts on indirect ways to make money using Quora.

Also, how to bring millions of traffic to your spaces, how to create viral content for spaces let me know in comments!

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