7 New WhatsApp Features You Will See In 2023 (5th One Will Shock You)

7 New WhatsApp Features In 2023 (5th One Will Shock You)

Meta the parent company is coming up with 7 new WhatsApp features that are definitely going to increase the engagement and usage time of the  mobile application.

Parents, Students, Freelance Individuals, business owners, specially digital marketers will love at least one or two of these 7 new features.

We feel, this time meta (formerly known as Facebook) has taken serious consideration of its user’s feedback and worked on certain enhancements to the mobile app.

We can expect to see these new features available for users worldwide by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 as per some news on the internet.

Now, let us see what are these new features that are going to make WhatsApp a much more powerful mobile app!


Undo The Do: Retrieve the deleted messages on WhatsApp

Yes, now you will be able to retrieve messages that you might have accidentally deleted.

Remember the feature where you can delete some message(s) for everyone? Now you can retrieve back those messages if you wish to!

You might ask how is this gonna really help?

May be not for everyone, but imagine u have deleted some 10s of messages at a time and later on you realized one or two are important and shouldn’t be deleted.

This happens with me!

So in such situations this can actually help!

And this feature is already available for WhatsApp beta users and expected to be realized for all the other users soon.

Get To Know The Past Participants Of The WhatsApp Group!

Useful for everyone and great feature to detect spam or mischievous groups.  

As of now imaging you join some group on WhatsApp you will not be knowing who were the previous participants or activity in the group.

But with this new whatsApp feature every new member of the group will be able to see the past participants or members of the group.

This will help you to get an some idea about the group activities and if something is going wrong in the group.

Imagine someone invites you or add you to a group and you will be all new in the group. But with this feature you will be able to see who all left the group in the last 60 days from the day you joined.

If you can find more that usual number of people joining or leaving you can take a call to leave it and block it for good!

This definitely helps in making the app’s security much better.

Introducing Personalized 3D WhatsApp Avatars

Like we saw in recent updates of other meta apps, Instagram and Facebook.

We are going to see WhatApp 3D Avatars and users can create their own personalized 3D Avatars!

This avatars can be used in stories, chats and video calls instead of revealing their profile picture!

Specially if you get a message and chatting with an unknown person!!

Scams on WhatsApp are really becoming more now a days and this feature can help us on the privacy part!

Again this is also currently available for the beta users and will be one of the earliest feature we can see out of the 7.

Admin is now the Alpha of the group: Admin Control

Imagine you running a group where there are 10s or 100s of members and suddenly some random user posts some offensive image, comment or even a spam link.

Maximum what can an admin do? Remove the user right?

But the post or comment or what ever it is will still be in group and the damage it does can’t be imagined.

Group will end up losing the members. Specially if it’s a business related group.

Luckily WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature where admin can delete or remove any post or comment of any user in the group.

So going forward the admin or admins can moderate the conversations of the WhatsApp group.

Avoid Spying On Your WhatsApp Account!!

I personally love this and is shocked to know Meta is coming with this feature.

We all might have been in a situation where your partner, boss, parent, friend, or colleague texting you on WhatsApp at odd times because they found you online.

The worst part is many times we can avoid ignoring the messages because they can see us online.

Now it’s all finally coming to an end.

WhatsApp is introducing a feature to hide your online status. With this option enabled no one will be able to see you being online even when you are online.

Information is that this feature is coming up with two options, one is to hide the online status from everyone.

 And the other is to make your last seen as your status.

Individuals who chat at late night know better about its advantages!!  If you are one of those let us know in the comments, how it can help!!

Amazing Thought: Companion Mode Feature

Business owners, customer support and marketing teams are definitely going to love this feature.

As of now we cannot use WhatsApp simultaneously on two mobile devices.

We are only able to use it on WhatsApp web (PC or laptop) and one mobile device only.

If we try opening logging into same account from a new mobile phone, it will logout automatically from the previous device.

But going forward we will be able to use same WhatsApp account from two different mobile phones separately.

Team of small business owners who get majority of their leads or customers through WhatsApp can now use the same account and avoid delay in responding.

Obviously, two is better than one!

New WhatsApp Features: Status Getting More Fun!!

I love these new WhatsApp Features!

Oh Yeah!! we will be able to respond on WhatsApp statuses with not just text but also with emojis!

Definitely we can see a huge increase in number of reactions or engagement on the WhatsApp status!

Earlier we used to see how many people have seen it but now will are going to get an idea on what they feel about it!!

Conclusion: New Features For WhatsApp!

There are many more new WhatsApp Features that are also currently in testing and will be available almost at the same time of the above!

These features include 

  • Ability to take notes during a personal chat (Only on desktop)
  • Dedicated section for immediately reporting bugs
  • Group chat messages with profile pics of participants

 Great right! Which of the above is your favorite feature??

 let me know in comments! And also which other features do you think Meta has to add to its feature releases of WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp FAQ

What are the new features of WhatsApp?
  1. Admin can delete(moderate) anyone’s message in groups
  2. Profile picture can be replaced with 3D avatars in chat, status & video calls
  3. Same WhatsApp account can be used from two different mobiles at one time
  4. Deleted Messages can be retrieved back again
  5. Users Online status can be hidden

And may more!

How to use WhatsApp new features?

Some of the features are already available for beta users, register as a beta user and explore them before rest of the public does!

Alternatively, Meta will release new set of videos to explain how! Keep checking our website or you can even check WhatsApp Blog