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Potato Spirals
Home Kitchen Business

What are Potato Spirals

Potato Spirals, which are also called as tornado potatoes is a famous south Korean street food.

This Korean cuisine is taken as evening snacks, starter or munching dish. Potato Spirals are said to be invented on September 2010 and sold on a food truck.

Since then, this dish became quiet famous across South Korea and slowly spread to rest parts of the world.

Preparation of this cuisine is very easy but tastes awesome!

Potato Spirals or Tornado Potatoes is a south korean street food
Required Raw Materials

Firstly, let us see the raw materials required for this easy to make veg recipe.

  • Potatoes
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Refined Oil
  • Batter
  • Peri Peri Masala

These are the basic necessary ingredients. However, depending on the flavour and taste you prefer there are other additional items like mayonnaise, sause, masala etc can be added.

This post is about how to make money by selling Potato Spirals so we won’t go deep on the recipes and the making of this item.

If you wanna know how to prepare the item refer to the below link!

Equipment / Machinery

Let us see the basic machinery required to make your job simple and easy. With the help of these machines you can speed up the making process.

Best part is even those who never chopped vegetables before can also make the cuisine.

However, even without these machines also you can prepare the dish but it will consume extra time and more manual effort.

Let us see the machinery now!

  • Potato Twister Machine
  • Deep Fryer Machine

Both these can easily accommodate in a regular Indian kitchens. We will see the cost of these items in the investment section.

Potato Twister Machine And Deep Fryer Machine
Package Items Required For Home Kitchen

As we are planning to set up a home kitchen and sell the items through online delivery we need the items to be properly packed so that they stay intact until it reaches the customers.

  • Oil Proof Paper Parcel Covers
  • Skewer Bamboo Sticks
  • Pick And Carry Paper Bags

These are decent enough for a professional food delivery packaging, we will see the pricing in the investment section.

In The Home Kitchen Business Food Packaging Plays A Major Role.

Potato Spirals Making
Approx. Investment Required

Now let us see how much investment is required Initially to set up everything, prepare food and deliver for the first 500 orders.

S No Item Name Quantity Approximate Price Investment Type
Potato Twister Machine
INR 1100 /-
One Time
Deep Fryer Machine
INR 3500 /-
One Time
Basic FSSAI License
INR 100 /-
One Year
Oil Proof Paper Parcel Covers
INR 650 /-
First 500 Orders
Skewer Bamboo Sticks
INR 400 /-
First 500 Orders
Pick And Carry Paper Bags
INR 800 /-
First 500 Orders
Potatoes (In Kg)
INR 2340 /-
First 500 Orders
Refined Oil (In L)
INR 400 /-
First 500 Orders
Peri Peri Masala (In Grams)
INR 200 /-
First 500 Orders

Pricing & Profit Margin

Firstly, if we calculate the above investment and divide it for 500 orders then each order making cost comes up to INR 10 /-.

This excludes the investment for machinery, however if we include machinery then the making cost for each item is around INR 20/-

Considering we are selling this orders through online through food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomato we can set a selling price up to INR 120/-  

So, for each order we can have a profit margin between INR 100 to 110 and if we can deliver 500 Orders altogether we will make a INR 60,000 /- where 50 to 55 thousand would be the profit!

Now Just Imaging If you can grow your business and sell a minimum of 100 orders per day on average?

The monthly profit would be around INR 3,00,000 /-

Man Power Required

There is no much man power required to prepare and pack the dish. One to two people are good enough to run the business initially.

Depending upon the floating of the orders you can add more manpower!

Approvals Required For Home Kitchen

If you are planning to start a home kitchen on a small scale initially then you would require a basic FSSAI License which would cost you INR 100/- and the license is valid for one year.

Approval process is also very quick, it will take a maximum of 7 to 10 days from the day of your registration.

So you need not worry about the number of Licenses you would require to start this business!

Required Documents for Basic FSSAI Registration

Basic Marketing Plan
Cloud Kitchen or Home Kitchen

Imagine you have purchased the material, machinery and even the License is approved and all set to launch your Potato Spirals Business.

Now, the next important element that you need to focus on is your marketing plan. The success and failure of your business at the initial stage depends on how you promote your home kitchen and dishes.

Do not worry, you need not be a professional marketer or digital marketer to promote your business.

Follow the below simple steps initially and slowly you can move to advanced marketing techniques.

Remember to start this marketing process at least 15 to 30 days before your business launch date

  • Create pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Design some good images of your dishes, menu and even making videos
  • Start Sharing to your near and dear people and try to get some followers organically
  • If possible even promote your online pages using Facebook Ad Campaigns etc.
Apart From This
  • You can create a simple basic professional website which will cost you hardly INR 300-500 per month.
  • Let your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues taste your sample dish and gather their positive reviews and promote the on your social media handles etc.
  • Create some early bird offers to attract people before the launch. Like one plus one, first order free etc kind of giveaways.

Marketing is something you need to think creatively and come up with some new tactics where you can attract more customers and retain existing.

So keep brain storming!

How To Get Online Food Orders

Great ! if you can step by step complete all the above items. Now let us see how to get orders for our online food business!

  1. Register your Potato Spirals home kitchen on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato
  2. Set online shop and collect orders from your social media page on Facebook & Instagram
  3. Collect Orders from WhatsApp Business App
  4. Promote your dishes and offers through targeted ads on Facebook & Instagram
  5. Create a website and get orders directly from your website
  6. Start sending emails to your mailing list
  7. Collaborate with the social media Influencers from your region and promote your dishes

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Potato Spirals Business

I hope you liked this Potato Spirals Food business idea. Let me list out the advantages of setting up this simple home based business idea. Let me list out the advantages and conclude the post!

  1. Low investment and high profits
  2. Easy preparation and packing process
  3. Simple and fast registration process
  4. Demand will be there though out the year
  5. New and rare dish with very low competition
  6. Prepare when you get order (almost near to zero possibility of facing loss)
  7. Very less time consuming, students, housewives and any one above 18 can start

Thinking of starting a home kitchen? Why don’t you share this post to your friends or family and check if they would like to join you and start a food based startup!

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Potato Spirals FAQ

Can we find spiral potato cutter in retail shop in Kolkata or Other Parts Of India?

Yes, you can find retails shops anywhere in India where you can buy potato spiral cutters.

However, you can get them at affordable prices on platforms like Amazon or Flipkart.

Search With The Name – ‘Potato Twister Machine’

What is potato spiral borer?

A potato Spiral borer or Potato Twister Machine is a home kitchen item or device used to cut potatoes into a spiral shape. It is a low-cost and easy-to-use machine.

With the help of this machine, anyone can quickly prepare potato spirals in few seconds.

Where Can You Buy Spices Required For Making Potato Spirals?

The spices required to make this dish are available on platforms like Flipkart or Amazon.

Alternatively, you can buy them from a wholesale enterprise in your region.